Sharenote, the signature product of OnceLogix, is become a leading solutions provider to medical professionals in the behavioral health care industry because of its success as an easy-to-use, cost-effective tool.

Winston Salem, NC (PRWEB) December 16, 2013

Sharenote, one of the nations leading web-based software solutions for the behavioral healthcare industry, announced several new features to help medical offices improve record-keeping and patient services.

Sharenote, a product of OnceLogix, LLC, based in Winston-Salem, NC, has created, a secure, HIPPA-compliant, web-based software known as SAAS software-as-a-service. The product helps medical professionals manage their clients healthcare information, medical records, appointment scheduling, and confidentially share notes with other clinicians. The increasingly popular software also helps behavioral healthcare agencies manage staff records and payroll. It has more than 230 behavioral healthcare practices using the software, managing the data of thousands of patients.

The most recent updates help healthcare professionals to more easily add new patient records, update those records with additional notes, and generate reports to ensure that doctors have the most comprehensive information about their patients.

Weve set out to help make medical professionals offices more efficient and productive, said Rod Brown, the founder and Chief Operations Officer of OnceLogix, LLC. Our goal is to simplify client care. We are helping doctors, nurses and other staff focus as much as possible on providing quality care.

Brown Co-founded OnceLogix, LLC in 2004. He met with his friend Trinity Manning, CEO and Ty McLaughlin, CFO, who all attended the same church. Manning was trying to decide whether to sell his software for $ 3 million or start a business. The three men spent the next few weeks meeting with other local business owners who all came to the same conclusion: Start the new business. As a result, they developed, a fast-growing, web-based tool used by behavioral healthcare companies in the southeast. ( What began out because a tool to aid clinicians manage notes regarding their individuals has become a sought-after tool for medical companies. Brown is banking about growing the company to supply synonymous solutions for the entertainment, sports plus music industries.

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